COVID-19 Response


The Westlake Hotel, as stated by the Premier of Ontario, is considered an essential service and will remain open as such. We have given greater detail to the level of cleanliness at the hotel and are strictly following the guidelines laid out by the World Health Organization and Canadian Health Association for essential businesses. The safety of our guests is paramount to us.

In that spirit, we have officially allowed all staff at the hotel (aside from cleaners) to work outside of the hotel to minimize the contact between our guests and staff. Also, our hotel is equip with kitchens and other amenities to allow guests to stay with us long-term during such unpredictable times. We are here for you.

Please reach out to Andy, our hotel manager, at 647-588-2847 or email at for more details. Stay safe from us at the Westlake Hotel.

The Westlake Hotel Management